My first article on vinyl record pressing quality was published back in 1975. I had 15 extraordinary years as an independent journalist in the hi-fi and music industry;  my writing career spanning the years 1975-1989 the end of first hi-fi boom and the introduction of Compact Disc. I’ve not been formally connected with any hi-fi magazine or company since 1990.

I’ve always enjoyed writing about music and hi-fi so why not start again.

My hi-fi equipment hasn’t changed much since leaving the industry but has given me an additional thirty years of musical enjoyment and learning.  I’m still using Tannoy speakers and Audiolab amplification with a Phillips/Marantz pro CD player. I’ve recently sidelined my Onkyo FM tuner in favour of Internet radio and have added a Cambridge Audio StreamMagic 6 streamer to the main system. As I intended to digitise the irreplaceable parts of my record collection I have moved my Linn LP12 out of the main system to await its new partnership with an NAD PP4 preamp and MacBook Pro…which is where this blog began.