Going shopping

It’s very odd being a hi-fi shopper once again. What’s proved unusually difficult is finding dealers where certain comparison can be had. I’ve a very odd shortlist of DAC/amplification I’d like to hear including NAD, Benchmark, Auralic, Devialet and Lyngdorf equipment. Some folk will offer home dems or loans but I don’t think I’m quite there yet. I was combining brand names in an idle Google search when I came across a new Edinburgh dealer who stocks both Benchmark and Lyngdorf products. Well that had to be worth a visit.

Saturday last, unannounced, I pitched up at Audio-philia – a very smartly refitted corner shop 15-20 minutes walk from Edinburgh centre. Owners Carlo and Linda were consummate hosts – a quick chat to establish our interests then no pressure – just ‘here’s the remote go and have a listen’. As their Lyngdorf TDAI-2170 had just been sold we were only able to listen to the Benchmark DAC3 and AHB2 DAC and power amp this time.


Audio-philia has a unique raised mezzanine listening area which gives near-field conditions but with the speakers almost in free space. We (me and Mrs P) listened first through Quadral Chromium 6s – a German two-way new to me (retailing at £1395). This combination produced etched detail, with wonderful stereo imagery – the whole presentation a vividly detailed, but in no way oppressive, sound. Not a conventional way to divide up a budget with the speakers costing only ⅔rds of the DAC – but this was a sound I could certainly live with – though perhaps not in my current listening room.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 13.35.31.jpgCarlo suggested – with my current choice of larger floorstanders and the music we’d be playing – we might like to hear Brodmann Festival F2 speakers. These offered a very different presentation. Like my own Tannoys, these are loudspeakers I’d like to power up loud but get out of the near field and hear them with more of the room. On dem in the Audio-philia lounge the sideway-facing drivers gave an oddly intangible quality to the sound at the lowish levels we were using. Unsurprisingly, piano was delightfully rendered, especially a recent BIS recording of Satie’s Gnossienne No.1 by Noriko Ogawa (performing on an 1890 Erard grand piano, built in the same year the piece was written). Tonal subtlety, pedalling and key touch all there as were the instrument dynamics but I didn’t get the same tangible presence from these speakers in this location I had so enjoyed with Quadrals.

Still, we’d come to hear DACs and amplifiers not speakers and I have to say I was deeply impressed by the grip and transparency of the Benchmark combination.

Carlo has emailed today to say the Lyngdorf is back on his shelves so I’ve an appointment to make and another visit to Edinburgh to look forward to.



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