VinylStudio II – track splitting

Track splitting. With each LP side recorded into a single file it is necessary to mark each track before they can be written out to disc as individual files. I’m using VinylStudio to record at the NAD preamp’s maximum quality of 16bit/48kHz WAV and to split the files for saving as individual FLAC files.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 09.28.50.jpg

Ideally, during recording you can enter track titles, and lengths in minutes and seconds. Opening the track splitting window each track is approximately marked out with a green ‘start’ and a red ‘end’ marker. These can then be dragged into place to perfect each track length.VinylStudio uses a single combined waveform to make things easy.

Alternatively, if you are monitoring the music during recording you can add a track break at any time by pressing the B key.VinylStudio can scan for track breaks after recording but this requires some tinkering with threshold and duration settings to accurately find the tracks and not insert markers during quiet passages. Not surprisingly, it is less than accurate with classical music, solo voice or single instrument recordings.

Once split, the track title appears above the music waveform to indicate which track you are currently working with; the selected waveform/current track is blue rather than green.

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 09.40.00.jpg

There are some clever touches. Tracks can be faded in and out independently with a simple draggable fade up or down triangle added to the track markers. This helps remove some run-in groove noise and gently lets you into the vinyl sound once your are replaying in the digital domain. I have chosen a light touch approach to editing clicks and surface noise and this flexibility to fade tracks is very welcome. Track gaps can also be adjusted by pulling the back-to-back markers apart with a drag and a shift-drag.

What could have been a chore is made easy in the VinylStudio track splitting window. Next, cleaning up LP sound…


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