Ripping yarns

My ripping workflow evolved over a number of months involving trial end error with various bits of hardware and software. Mine’s an unapologetic Apple set up. The first surprise was trying to use the slot loading SuperDrive on my then new iMac. Life’s too short. I was soon back to using the tray loading Sony DVD Drive in my older MacPro.

xld256I tried various Mac rippers including Max and XLD before settling on the latter, which is now used for ripping and some types of file conversion. A new version of XLD (Build 20151214) has improved pregap detection on the slot loading Superdrive but it still takes 20sec compared to 6sec on the older Sony drive.



An indispensable piece of software has been Metadatics. I initially started out using the very flexible suite of modules sold as Media Rage but this seems to have been discontinued – updates to Metadatics now mean it fulfils all my tagging needs.

keyboardmaestro-title-icon.pngTo speeds things through the metadata stage I use the massively capable Keyboard Maestro macro writer/editor.

Once ripped and metatagged the files meet their CD covers scanned on an Epson V800 (complete overkill I know but I use this for photographic and family history scanning). The resulting files are renamed using Metadatics and then written to my QNAP NAS drive.

I initially had corrupt folder nightmares using the NAS drive as a mounted volume on the Mac but things have now settled down and I can drag drop large folders of rips reliably with El Capitan and the latest QNAP firmware. The mounted NAS drive is now stable enough to permit ‘touch up’ edits to metadata across the network and even batch file renaming with MassReplaceIt something I’ll cover in a separate blog.

The final piece of software involved in ripping is Blue Harvest which keeps the NAS drive clean from Apple double and .DS files. Once setup Blue Harvest works silently to keep the drive clean each time it is mounted.

Again I’ll cover replay hardware and software in another blog post.


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